Ekkiy is a global search tool for eBay worldwide. It is Ekkiy because you can search at once (ikki).

Note :
Shipping cost is domestic shipping cost.

Release Notes (December 31th, 2021)

A new version of Ekkiy has been released.
Some functions have been deleted / added due to the specification change of eBay.

Some functions have changed in "Specify sales format", "Restrict by available options" and "Select country to search".
Removed "Restrictions", "Sellers", "Payment Methods" and "View search results by Country" search criteria.

In addition, "Search by image" and "Search by category ID" have been newly added.
If you find any bugs, please contact us. Please tell us your opinion

If you would like to use the new version and new functions, please click here

Please tell us your opinion
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